"This book is user friendly and would be a wonderful addition to any school library or counselor's office."
-Connecting Counselors K-12 Lincoln Public Schools
"I feel this book will be a tremendous resource in helping children cope with this devastating diagnosis. I am looking forward to using this book in my practice as I believe many children and their families will benefit from this book."
-Jeffrey J. David, MD, FAAP 

"In the fifteen years I have worked in pediatric oncology, I believe this is one of the finest tools I have encountered to enable children to process the emotional impact of a diagnosis of cancer with a family."
-Jean Lockrow, BSN, MA
​Phoenix Children's Hospital




"Life Isn't Always A Day At The Beach," is true, until you find a friend who is willing to spend the day with you! Pam Ganz has written this book with the loving intention of allowing children to tell their story.
This book is a creative invitation to help children (and adults) to tell their story with words and pictures. A life-changing event goes on when you're told you have cancer, and the basic human desire to tell your story becomes a priority in your treatment and care. When you, like the penguin, answer these questions and sketch out your thoughts, real life happens. Assumptions turn to insights, cancer takes the back seat and children creatively break through their struggles to tell you an important story... their story.” 
Jackie Bates, RN CHPN
Author/Founder of The Next Conversation 
Coping For Kids




Our books provide the opportunity for children and teens to process and communicate their hopes, fears, and concerns as they journey through the cancer experience. Support children and teens by providing resources from Coping for Kids.

"Life Isn't Always A Day At The Beach offers a way for a child to communicate their experiences so that both parent and child can understand. Once completed it will be a keepsake." 
Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation Volume 21, NO.3
Fall 1996

 "Life Isn't Always A Day At The Beach is a delightful book that encourages children facing cancer in the family to explore changes in their lives. It is an excellent tool to facilitate discussion of life with cancer through the eyes of children." 
June Eilers PhD, APRN-CNS
University of Nebraska Medical Center