Coping For Kids

A diagnosis of cancer affects the entire family. Children and teens benefit from having a means to express themselves, and to have their personal journey through the cancer experience understood. 

Good communication is essential for families coping with a cancer diagnosis and the right resource can facilitate understanding and open the avenues of communication while strengthening coping skills.

These user- friendly books are an excellent tool to facilitate meaningful interactions and supply the opportunity for growth and learning whether in a support group setting, a 1:1 counseling session, or in the home between family members.

Resources created by Coping for Kids are specifically designed to facilitate communication, and to provide a means to honestly express feelings, frustrations, and questions.

Our books provide the opportunity for children and teens to process and communicate their hopes, fears, and concerns as they journey through the cancer experience. Support children and teens by providing resources from Coping for Kids

Our books provide emotional support for children and teens whose parent or family member has cancer as well as for pediatric and Teen cancer patients.